100 Miles for 2 Big Smiles
David GockenbachDavid Gockenbach
David was adopted from Ethiopia in June of 2006.
Four months later he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  He is currently undergoing post bone marrow transplant treatment.  Read the whole story and get updates here.

Dustin BurkmanDustin Burkman
 Dustin was diagnosed with leukemia at age four and was treated immediately with surgery.  But he had a relapse in February of 2008.  Dustin is currently undergoing chemotherapy in Green Bay, WI.  Read the whole story and get updates here.
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TV 6  8/13/08
TV 6 7/20/08
TV 6 8/7/08 (photos)
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Mining Journal 8/10/08

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